Product focus - La Rochére


There's no denying that the French have style. Whether it’s interiors, fashion or food, the French seem to have an innate ability to take something simple, and make it look or taste amazing. Where much of this is to do with clever designs, it’s also in the quality of materials and workmanship. To say French craftsman are perfectionists would be an understatement.

La Rochère glassware is just one example of beautiful French style and crafting, and comes with a long history, which has helped make it one of the most popular French glassware brands today.

As early as 1475 a glassmaker named Simon de Thysac, founded a glassworks in Les Rochiers, focusing largely on window glass. Destroyed by fire and war and rebuilt twice, the furnaces have now been burning non-stop for nearly 350 years, and owned by the same family for 150 of those. By 1886, La Rochère had diversified into making general glassware products, such as drinking glasses and carafes, for local Hotels and bars, as well as glass tile making.

La Rochère has always prided itself on its handmade and hand-blown products and techniques and, despite the mechanical automation of many of their processes by the 1970s, handblown glassware is still at the heart of its business. Glasses such as the Bocage range of champagne flutes and wine glasses are examples of the stunning
La Rochère hand-blown glass work.

La Rochère also has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, always employing local people, operating strict controls on co2 emissions and water consumption and year on year reduction in waste.

They have a huge range of glassware styles and products, all with a modern elegance and versatility that we love. A La Rochère wine glass looks just as good on a white linen covered table, with polished silver wear in a Michelin starred restaurant in Paris, as it does on a rustic, scrubbed pine table in the middle of a 500 year old farmhouse in deepest, rural Provence.

When you buy a La Rochère product, you’re basically buying 650 years worth of French perfectionism. Click here to see some of the products we stock.