Amazing Bamboo

On a trip to Hong Kong, quite a few years ago, I remember being fascinated by the builders hanging precariously off scaffolding surrounding towering skyscrapers, and then shocked to discover that the scaffolding was made of bamboo. Until that point, I thought bamboo was just a plant that Pandas ate, and that my mother used for staking her plants in the garden.

Classified as a grass, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, some species growing as much as 3 feet in 24 hours. As well as being a widespread food source in Asia, it’s also used widely for building works and construction, as it can take more weight than concrete, and more tension than steal.

Unbelievably versatile, It’s also used in medicine, textiles, for Asian weaponry, as paper, and of course, for all types of homewares. Bamboo furniture has been particularly popular throughout China over thousands of years.

[Images taken at The Bambouseraie, Anduze, France - from left to right: A bamboo forest, a Laotian house made of bamboo, bottom of page a bamboo "energy" dome]

As if this plant wasn’t mighty enough, because of it’s strength and fast growing nature, anything made of bamboo tends to be environmentally friendly and with many countries across the world now successfully growing and harvesting a number of species of bamboo, the transportation impact on the environment is also reduced.

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